About Santorini



Santorini is known around the world for its unique natural beauty and its unique volcanic landscape. The island succeeds in a unique way to combine the wild beauty of the Volcano and its caldera with the cultivated plains and the traditional architecture of most buildings, creating a remarkable landscape.
Furthermore, Santorini as modern tourist destination with thousands of visitors every year, manages to combine the high level of service with the unpretentious traditional life and daily life of its inhabitants.
Santorini is not by chance one of the top travel destinations in the Mediterranean. From the volcanic landscape of the Caldera, the peculiar beaches with black sand sculpture rocks and the unique archaeological site of Akrotiri up to exlusive accommodation in luxurious units with stunning views, haut cuisine and gourmet restaurants and intense nightlife, excursions and discoveries in the interesting hinterland, Santorini is a unique island .

The magic and inspiring landscapes seep into the lifestyle of Santorini and the foundations of its tourist development.
Santorini besides its beaches, has the ability to offer visitors a variety of activities such as walking to its unique nature, mountains and vineyards, visiting the beautiful villages and archaeological sites.
The island has the ability to accommodate visitors during the whole time whilst represents a very good destination for a variety of sports such as water sports, swimming in the sea and swimming pools, fishing, hiking, walking , tennis and diving, there are facilities of football, basketball and volleyball.

Santorini is a wonderful island with a fascinating landscape due to the legacy of its volcano. It is an ideal destination for those seeking a cosmopolitan scene with the promise of discovering beautiful rural areas where traditional ways of life are still carried on. These traditions include the cave house dwellings some abandoned but others still occupied. Across the island you can see the vineyards, where you will have the opportunity to sample the local ςινεσ. Dotted in this landscape are tiny churches just waiting to be discovered. The facilities for visitors to Santorini range from luxury hotels and gourmet restaurants to delightful family run small hotels and rooms to rent. Tavernas serving fresh, local produce, cooked in the traditional ways of Santorini abound and everywhere you can sample a big variety of local wine.

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