Akrotiri Ancient site

Akrotiri Ancient site

Akrotiri located on the south-western tip of the island at a distance of 15 kilometres from Fira, the area is a real cape with rugged coastline, which forwards for 3 miles west of the southern part of Santorini. During the Middle Ages was one of the castles of the island of Santorini. Akrotiri became world famous thanks to the prehistoric settlement discovered by the excavations, which began systematically in 1967.
The excavations brought to the light significant findings. The buildings had two or three floors and several rooms. Some of them were made of ashlars stone . The remaining buildings were made of mud bricks reinforced with straw, wood and plaster. The foundation was generally shallow and often there was an artificial embankment. Under the foundations of one of the buildings it was found on the foundations a layer of loose fragments of porous lava , which played the role of seismic insulation. The floors where made out of wood and reeds, slate or pebbles. the roof was made from sticks and canes and had also beaten earth, which acted as insulation and ensure coolness in summer and warm in winter.

The lower floors were used as warehouses, workshops or mills, while the upper floors were used to accommodate. In wealthier homes, often, the walls of the upper floors were decorated with frescoes. The city streets were paved. The drainage of the buildings were on clay pipes inside the walls of buildings and resulted in built sewers beneath the cobblestone streets.

The large number of frescoes found during the excavations are a valuable source of information about everyday life in Akrotiri, religion and the nature of the island.

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