Santorini by night

Santorini by night

Fira is the bustling capital of Santorini and the most lively spot of nightlife, the place of those who want to be at the centre of developments. Here you will find the mainstream clubs at the bar street, meeting point is the buzzing central square.
The nightlife in Santorini having gained the reputation it deserves, gives visitors a number of different options to suit all tastes and requirements. From a romantic dinner in one of the restaurants or a drink in one of the beach bars of its beaches, to the loud dance music of the city’s bars and clubs.

Whichever option you do, it is certain that you will enjoy. From sunset onwards Santorini changes look and is preparing to welcome the lively crowds who want to have fun. Fira considered the heart of the nightlife of the island, having many good restaurants, several clubs playing Greek and foreign music, dozens of shops for all tastes and small bars serving stylish cocktails and drinks. For those who like a more domestic amusement there are places where you can enjoy Greek music and dances. On the beaches, dozens of beach bars from noon until late at night to offer their coffees, drinks and the cocktails mainly in Perissa and Kamari. During the summer months on both beaches many beach bars hosting live music creating a festive atmosphere in which it is difficult to resist.

In the night clubs of Santorini thousands of visitors meeting friends and dance, have fun and spend wonderful hours with good music and drinks . The clubs usually open after 10 pm and stay open until the early morning hours. During the summer season the clubs and all the nightlife spots are open daily, while during the winter are open usually on Fridays and Saturdays.
But good food, drinks, music, dancing and general entertainment and nightlife does not stop at Fira. In every village and of course in the beaches of Santorini there are beach bars, cafes, restaurants and taverns in beautiful locations who operate in refurbished or reconditioned tastefully areas. Local or international cuisine it is certain that you will be pleased. In each village square you will find coffee shops to enjoy a coffee, snack or drink while very beautiful sites and restaurants on the caldera inviting you to enjoy the haut cuisine in Oia, Firostefani or Imerovigli.

The night life of Santorini is very intense and promises an exciting experience! The town of Thira is the most focal point in which are concentrated most nightclubs on the island, and most visitors begin and terminate their evenings there. You can start your evening with a drink overlooking the volcano and the sunset and then continue with more robustly to some of the big clubs in town. However, Thera is the only place on the island with with a lively nightlife.

You can find bars and clubs, mainly by the sea, the most popular villages, such as Kamari, Perivolos and Perissa. Do not be surprised if you have to pay  7 or  10 euro for a drink, nightlife in Santorini is not very cheap. So do not hesitate to use any invitations for parties and events, organized by the biggest clubs on the island

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