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Restaurant Romantica in Firostefani

Restaurant Romantica in Firostefani

The cuisine of Santorini is linked in particular to local products of its fertile land. Volcanic valleys, the sea breeze and warm sun contribute to a cuisine rich flavours and authentic.
The typical local dishes are made from fresh produce from the sea and earth, fish of course, tomatoes (especially delicious), white aubergines, courgettes, peas and beans, capers, pistachios.
In the various taverns and restaurants of Santorini you can savour some great salads, but also excellent omelettes, wild rabbits with cheese, saffron bread, fava with olive oil and oregano, the specialty known as Apohti, a particular type of ham , local cheese , and local pork sausages,  delicious fried meatballs with tomato known as tomatokeftedes, keftedakia meat balls with mind. Try also fava beans and eggplant or white eggplant fried, complemented by the famous wines of Santorini.

A key component of Santorini cuisine is the fish in a very wide range, such as white bate, cod, tuna, sea bream, salmon, swordfish, mullet, squid, octopus, shrimps, lobster etc. with every fish to be cooked in a different way like for example, the white bate, mullet and white seabream are delicious fried, cod and salmon as chouder or grilled as well as swordfish,  mullet, squid and octopus grilled in charcoal, while lobsters taste delicious boiled. Santorini Restaurants are renowned for the quality of their cuisine and for the high level of service and the option of a dinner overlooking the caldera is an experience you will never forget. In the small streets of Fira you can also choose to dine in one of the many restaurants that you will encounter. Gourmet or regional cuisine, the choice is yours. At Fira you will find many good restaurants with or without view to the caldera and affordable for any budget.
For those that prefer a quick snack there are numerous fast food eateries where you can get some of the most popular greek snacks like spinage pies, cheese pies, souvlaki , pizzas and gyros.

But Santorini is not only known for the variety of its cuisine but also for its wines. Several historical sources testify that the wine cultivation in Santorini goes back over 3500 years ago.
From 1700 BC the island already traded their wines in the Mediterranean, as shown by the frescoes found in the houses at the site of Akroiri.
The volcanic soil and little rain create dry white wine very well known, such as the traditional Nykteri or sweet wines like Vinsanto. Among the famous wineries are those of Boutari, Hatzidakis, Sigalas, Canava Roussos, Gavala etc.

The main white grape variety called Assyrtiko and is grown with an ancient technique that provides for the pruning of branches “in basket”. In practice, the branches are rolled on themselves on the ground to protect the grapes from the heat of the sun and sandy winds. The plants are spaced far apart from each other are and produce very few grapes, which explains the density and richness of aromatic wines. Sometimes you feel in these wines a slightly salty taste due to the salt that is deposited in very small amounts on the skin of grapes but still manages to penetrate into the grain.

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