Santorini is located in the area of winter rainfall climate. The summers are marked by drought. Temperatures in the summer months like July and August range from 30 -32 degrees C during the day to 20- 23 degrees at night. Rainfall like in most of the Aegean islands is almost non-existent during the summer but rain showers can be expected between the end of September and end of April. The winters are generally humid like in most of the Greek islands. Snow is very rear.

A humidity compensation in the form of dew formation creates regular, dry and cool Meltemi in conjunction with evaporation over the surrounding sea. Except for the cliff notes on Santorini farmland about 80% of the island surface. The largest amount of vineyards with large terraces and stone walls. Smaller units are used for the cultivation of vegetables and fruit for the self-sufficiency. Water is the limiting factor. Year-round streams do not exist. Unfavourable sites or brown field sites are partially grazing .

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