What to see in Santorini

The Volcano :Located at the island of Nea Kameni You can get there with boats, combining the trip with a swim in the warm waters is a must. You will see the craters, the impressive and crystalline rocks and you will admire a 180 degrees panoramic view of the caldera with the white towns spoted on top of the cliffs.

Ancient Thira: The ancient settlement was the only urban center of the island of Santorini from the 9th century BC in a stunning location at the top of the cliff that overlooks Kamari.You can get there by car bike or organized tours.

Akrotiri:Among the most important archaeological sites in Greece, the prehistoric settlement of Akrotiri at the south of the island, with two and three storey houses is impressive. Highly advanced was the sewerage system, while, in contrast with the Minoan palaces, here the findings show a culture with more human face and a better distribution of wealth.

Archaeological Museum: Located next to the cable car of Fira, it houses collections of sculptures and inscriptions from the Archaic to the Roman period, as well as pottery and clay figurines from the Geometric to the Hellenistic era.

Museum of Prehistoric Thera: Impressive museum in the center of Fira which will introduce you to the history of the island, which was one of the most important centers in the Aegean during the 18th and 17th century BC, here you can see some of the most important frescoes of international archaeological interest found in the prehistoric settlement of Akrotiri and important objects from the Neolithic to the Late Period.

Maritime Museum:Located in Oia, housing objects and photographs, manuscripts, diaries, ship models and documents about the rich and important maritime history of the island from the early 1900s until about 1940 when the motorized navigation led to the withdrawal of sailing ships that were based in the port of Oia.

The Gyzi Mansion: The mansion Gyzi from the 17th century, which is maintained by the Catholic Diocese of Thera, hosts exhibition of engravings and folklore collection for the Cyclades and organizes interesting cultural events festival with concerts by young musicians, art events, exhibitions of paintings and engravings, and book presentations.

Folklore Museum of Pyrgos:In the museum you will see objects that revive Santorini of the past in a traditional old canava complex in Pyrgos village. The collection hosts images, wood carvings, costumes of the old era and manuscripts that illustrate the history of Pyrgos when the settlement was one of the four municipalities in the begining of the century.

Art Space Santorini: In the ambient space of the canava Argyro at Exo Gonia, besides the permanent exhibition on the history of wine, operates a cultural center with temporary exhibitions of famous artists.

The Lignos Folklore Museum is housed in premises, many of which are caved, created in 1861 to serve as a mansion and winery. In the area you can see a large collection of documents and historical books about Santorini, old maps, documents, prints and other objects that illustrate the history of the place.

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